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Announcing New Blacklist

Stamm Trust will now blacklist landlords whose current and former tenants report disability discrimination.  Please go to the relevant page.  For questions e-mail 

Dealing with the Heat...

Hello to members, clients and guests of The Stamm Trust Civil Rights Advocacy for Northern Colorado.  We are acclimating ourselves to our platform's new site builder; please be patient if things look disorganized.  We want you to know we are up and running for our patented advocacy and empowerment; contact us at for help. 

Our Advocacy

For more detailed information see our "About" Page.

We offer assistance with landlords who do not understand your civil rights, and fellow tenants who are not good neighbors.

We provide information to health care providers to help them negotiate "reasonable accommodations" you may need to access services.

We assist you in negotiating accommodations to insure your access to the Courts and educational institution.

We do not generally advocate in the area of employment.

In 1994 we sued the University of Colorado for the violation of the ADA Title III in terminating a disabled professor rather than helping her keep her job as the ADA requires.  We won a settlement, ably assisted by the infamous civil rights attorney Jean    of Denver.

We have negotiated reasonable accommodations with The Orthopedic Center of the Rockies, the Fort Collins Housing Authority, the City of Fort Collins, the Combined Courts of Larimer County and local landlords.

Example:  Neighbors are harassing and aggressive toward disabled tenant of alley  house.  Tenant requests ability to put up privacy fence to divide back yard at her own expense; landlord first agrees and then tries to get out of it.  We sent him a letter explaining his responsibility to the tenant to him and he completed the fencing.

Don't be afraid of retaliation against you for contacting us!  It's against the law and we will hold your provider's feet to the fire if he tries to penalize or intimidate you.